No One's Gonna Love You [Flat]

The only thing that can make me feel better right now is unicycling. I filmed this yesterday.

-Eli Brill

Wow, does this mean no more rollo discs?


Hickquad was freaking clean! Triple back looked like a double back it was so effortless. And you’ve just got so much style and finesse it’s a pleasure to watch.

Tell your dad he’s doing a great job operating the crane too! :smiley:

Keep me posted on future vids bud!


Yeah, I guess it means no more rollo discs?

Thanks, Colby. I appreciate it.

Really enjoyable video! The filming was really great and the unicycling was awesome and smooth!

Flat videos are usually painful for me to watch, but I really liked the filming, editing, and riding. Your videos have come a long way since you started posting.

Great vid other than it being so short :stuck_out_tongue:

Sick clean tricks as always and the filming makes it even more enjoyable.

Yay, new eli vid. I loved it.

LOVED this video!

the setting was perfect with the music and the riding was great as usual!

Cant wait to see some more videos :slight_smile:

The camera movement was really nice, I too get tired of the tripod flat videos. I enjoy watching all of your videos Eli, you are so smooth man.

I loved the setting out in the country on an empty road. Its an awesome video. How were the swooping camera shots done? What does colby mean by “a crane”?

A crane like this -

Idk if Eli has one that big though… You put the camera on the end and make smooth sweeping motions and it makes the film look sick!

Small cranes are called Jib arms, large cranes are called… cranes.

Thanks everyone! I use a 5’ jib arm mounted on a pretty big tripod.

I think my dad will be glad to see that his filming is appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

probably the best setting for flat ive ever seen! loved it! and your Dad did a great job with the jib! it just felt so beautiful :slight_smile: if they werent so bulky and annoying to take with you everywhere then i’d be scrambling to get one. anyway, this video can be added to the tiny list of flat videos ive actually genuinly enjoyed :slight_smile: good work man!

woah so nice … those filming techniques make it even more enjoyable … love ur tricks as in every vid … but i liked the other uni more:p:p

It helps to have someone with you to help you haul, assemble, and work it. But there are some that compact up pretty small. Although sometimes you still need a sandbag or something for the counter-weight.

Thanks everyone for the great comments :smiley: This unicycle is here to stay, I love it :wink:

It’s funny haha… I’ve actually filmed at this place a few times before. I think it’s clear that the thing that makes the view enjoyable is the moving camera.

Which I will be continuing to use in future videos :slight_smile:

haha nice i’m loving the pink and blue :slight_smile:

Yeah the jib and the HD quality is amazing! For some reason i’d rather watch a amazing quality video with minimal skill level tricks then an amazing video with minimal quality :stuck_out_tongue: So i really enjoy the quality haha

Nice tricks also, getting consistent with scuff coasting long distances!

Thanks, bro. I believe I can honestly say I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t scuffcoasted in a long time. Silly trials unicycles hehheh