No name brand?

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on a unicycle and I’ve decided I want to get back into it. :slight_smile: I’m not willing to spend the 250+ dollars on one just yet until I know if I’m going to stick with it and I finally found a used one; but it’s an Invicta. :thinking: Has anyone heard of this brand? I’ve hunted for the name all over but my efforts proved futile with the exception of someone asking the same question on here around 1995. If anyone has heard of the name please give your thoughts on it as well as a price you might think it’s worth. I’d greatly appreciate it. It looks to be in pretty good shape with the exception of normal tears in the seat. Thanks! :smiley:


no clue.

I’m not familiar with that brand. Do you have any pictures of the uni?

Does the uni have bearing holders that look like this (with the two bolts poking out on each fork leg)?

That’s a bad design. Avoid unicycles with that bearing holder.

And what about the seat? Is it in any way square? If it is squarish it might be one of the evil Savage saddles.

If you’re in the US, the black Torker unicycles are good. They sell for around $100 give or take $20. Just make sure it’s a black frame. The silver frame ones aren’t as good and are generally suited for small kids rather than adults.

lollipops are evil.

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I agree entirely. There are far too many of these space hogging, empty posts. Posts like +1, I agree, don’t know, can’t help, all do nothing except take up space and let the poster listen to themselves chatter inanely. Unfortunately we all have to listen to them chatter inanely.

The Invicta appears to have lollipop bearings and a Savage saddle. I lifted these two images from Craigslist.



ikeep hearing about the craiglist.What is it?

Craigslist is a word that appears in worthless, space-wasting posts. When you really want to know what something is, you try typing it into a search engine. then after reading a bit, if you still have questions at least they will be intelligent ones and it’s more acceptable to ask those.

As to whether useless posts do any harm, they do. They make otherwise informative threads into a morass of nonsense, not worth reading down to the useful information, such as what Harper provided.

Looks like the Invicta, at least in that iteration, is something much less desirable than today’s cheap Torkers. It has a really awful seat, which you will hate a lot more than the lolipop bearings. Invicta may have put their stickers on earlier or later generic unicycles as well, so yours might not be the same as the one Harper found.

BTW, there are some other lolipop-shaped bearings on unicycles that are much better than those. We should probably call those something like single-side-bolted lolipops. The bolt going through a single side, and pressing its flat surface against round tubing, is the problem. The bearings themselves are fine.

okkaaayyyyy. i searched it and all i found was this.

That is actually the unicycle I was referring to. :slight_smile: Figures that is the only thing that pops up when searched.

Thanks for all the responses and you’ve helped me decide to just wait and buy a quality uni for a bit more. We can end this thread now to avoid subjecting ourselves to anymore pointless replies. Thanks all! :smiley:

what is the price of the used unicycle that you found, they make it sound like lollipop bearings are the end of the world, they definitely are not. as you can tell, there are many immature people on the forums, i’m sorry to say that you may sometimes find me to be one of them(i try to keep those moments rare)

here is my idea: if the unicycle has a free spinning wheel and good pedals/ good seat/ isn’t rusting in 1/2 you are good to learn on it/ start yourself out. my best suggestion is to get the torker LX the CX is the silver one, but it has many “special” editions that vary in color(with flames)
the LX is a unicycle w/a handle and a flat crown frame. you will enjoy it a lot.

the sun unicycles aren’t bad, actually none of them are really. any learner unicycle will stand up to years and years of riding.

if you are looking for “one step up” it is going to take you to the nimbus ISIS unicycles, they are $250+,but they are by far the best deal yet.

The seller is asking $45 for the Invicta. I really had my heart set on a trials uni (unsure of what make/model right now) in the first place but I unfortunately do not have the funds for one at this time. The reply Harper posted is the pictures from the ad. Here’s the link http://


That unicycle looks exaclty like the ones that they are selling here in Israel in some bike shops. They are no name Taiwanese models. Just by looking at the saddle I see that it is the same. They sell for around $100, but Israel is more expensive than the States. Good for learning not good for riding. I learned on one of them and then sold it for $70 after a month. It did not have a scratch on it. I was very good about rgabbing the seat when doing UPDs. 4 other people that I know also learned on them based on recommendations from me and they all had to replace thier saddles before they became proficient. All ripped up from falls. The saddle is fine for 20 minute practice sessions. Also the bearings are good. I would not go off of sidewalk curbs with it though. The cranks look like the weakest part.


Yeah, I think I’ll wait and buy something I will enjoy riding. I’d hate to buy that uni and never want to ride it or another one ever again. Thanks for all your help!

:smiley: You mean like this??? :smiley:


:smiley: This monster beast??? :smiley:

I was thinking more along the lines of THIS. :smiley:

If you are just starting out try the Nimbus II 20" with ISIS cranks. It is a great, sturdy uni, for $250. If you wanted to make it into a Trials all you would need to upgrade is the tire $20. This would be pleanty of unicycle for the first two years of riding.

…or until you find out that you want to ride distance and don’t like trials. Then you have spent $250 on an upgradeable learner with fancy ISIS cranks and axle that will do you no good. Buy a cheap vehicle with one wheel, an OK saddle, that is made with reasonable construction to learn on. One of the cheaper Torkers is just fine. Then decide what kind of riding you want to do and spend accordingly.

I do A LOT of urban riding on MTB and BMX so I’m pretty sure I will enjoy trials a lot more than distance, not to say I won’t ever own a uni for distance but I think trials are more up my alley. I live in the city and I’m not to crazy about riding my bikes near cars. I prefer to find obstacles in alleys, parking lots, abandoned neighborhoods etc. as it is right now. I already know how to ride a uni but have never owned one personally; and by ride I mean not falling down riding from point A to B on a FLAT surface. I still have A LOT of learning to do