No muni lifts at Snoqualmie this year

The Summit at Snoqualmie is not going to be running a chair lift this year during the summer months for bikes and unicycles. Snoqualmie is where the muni events were held during UNICON 11 last year and during the national convention (NUC) in '99. Bummer, no lifts up the hill for me this year. I hope that they can get the lift going again next year, but it doesn’t sound too likely. We had a bad snow season this year and the ski areas didn’t make a lot of money and biking seems to be one of the expenses that they’re cutting back on.

Press release about the closure of the lift during the summer is here:

Home page for the Summit at Snoqualmie:


How about we all pitch in for a day of Heli-Unicycling?

Is it not climbable?

If you climbed, you’d get at most 3 downs a day (i’d get maybe 2), but it’s very much too bad that they’re closing it, I liked that ride alot.

Are there any other resorts in the WA area that open the lifts to bikes, or was Sno the only one? I’m a relative newbie here, but when I lived in Salt Lake at least four of the local areas had lifts going for MBs in the summer.

There are no other lifts in Washington that are open over the summer for bikes or unicycles. Looks like we’ll have to either go down to Oregon or up to Whistler for that kind of stuff now.

Once I get some time on my new ride and improve my chops some, I’d definitely be up for throwing in on a weekend car trip.

BTW: It’s a really short downhill, but curious if you’ve ever ridden down any of the trails in Weowwna (sp?) park, which drop from 168th in Bellevue down to the western shore of Lake Samm. Not much distance, but it could be fun with a car-shuttle system. Some good steeps, stairs, hairpins dropping down next to a stream and waterfall combo.