No more white tryall tires???

Ok so I was going to order a white tryall tire from renegadejuggling, but I got an email saying that koxx is no longer making them. Anyone know what the deal is with this??

I know I was going to order one as well even no the postage to Australia would be a killer. still has them.

WHAT? no longer making them??? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

Yeah, this is old news again hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I oredered a couple this summer :smiley:

Note, only 2 of these were for me, others were for my friends that oredered with me.

*Hint UDC Canada (I don’t know about other UDC, but I guess they will too) will be producing white trials tires.

That’s awesome!:smiley: I’ve really wanted a white tire but haven’t wanted to pay to import one!!

If anyone can bring me one of these at unicon i will give you…

…anything you want… :sunglasses:

lol actually it’d be awesome though. Gotta get one of these.


What will the pattern look like? The classic blocks? What about the sidewalls? thin/thick? Do you know any of this stuff or do you just know they’ll be making them?

Good news. :slight_smile:

UDC US had one at NAUCC. It looked like an echo or monty tire I think. It has the block tread pattern. I don’t know about sidewalls and stuff (I don’t think I actually tried it).

I tried it.

It felt more like a maxxis than a try all and looked exactly like a monty.

Nice, it’ll be awesome when they get on the market. It’s the first trials tire made for unicycling, right?

I heard that maxxis will produce a white tire :thinking: :thinking:

I think so.

Luna: Bike
Monty: Bike
Maxxis CC: Bike
Try-all: Bike
Echo: Bike
Onza: Bike

The White Nimbus tire will also be avalible in Denmark sometime this spring. It sure will be great.