no more unispins without shinguards

i was in oregon this weekend and was trying the unispins where u jump from the ground and spin the uni and land. i was wearing shorts with no shin protection on and had been working on it for like 5 minutes. then i tried again and jumped up and spun it and instead of my right foot landing on the pedal, the pedal rotated and so my shin came down on the spike and cut a long gash down it. i thought it was just a regular cut but then all this blood spilled out of it onto my shoe. so we drove to the ER in salem and i had to get 16 stitches for it.

so the lesson is: no unispins w/ out shinpads

and… any advice on light pads that protect ur legs well enough?

You know that you have to have pictures right?:slight_smile:

yes but i still have the gaw stuff that the hospital put on it first but i can prolly take and post them tommorrow.

for now, heres a stupid paint drawing:

Same for me :roll_eyes: but not as bad as yours… only i little cut

for shin only protections: TSG Shinguard

Haha, I slice my shin like that too,(cept it was a normal unispin) but it was only 12 stitches. Theres a thread with it in it a while back, the french sar leg :wink: for protection try some 4x4s or some veggie wraps…

two days after

and another

niiiiiiiiiice!! too bad you don’t have a picture of right after you did it, that woulda made a good entry for bustedunidotcom.