No more Try All tires??


yesterday, I asked in for a TRy all white tire, and they said to me that have a few of Try All tire, and that they don’t know if Koxx was going to deliver more tires

do you know some about that?


haha, this question is a mistery… K1 is a mistery…

people will be pretty mad if they stop making try all tires

Why would they stop making Try-all tires if Koox-One goes out of buisness? Is’nt Try-all a completely different company?

I think that Try-all and Koxx are related companies but you have to remember that Koxx-One is a tiny part of Koxx.

Roland had a few major problems with Koxx and wont sell Koxx-One stuff anymore (read his german blog :wink: ).

Koxx selling the unis for a price thats even lower than Roland had to pay to get them (that promo that was not long ago).
Quality problems… he had to work/repair the unis to ship them to his customers.
Lots of warranty problems, where he changed broken parts, but Koxx didnt replace it, so he had to pay.
A lot of problems with his orders… no shipments arrived for the last few month.

Believe me, I don’t think that K124 is doing wheel in all divisions… Bikes aren’t that good too I think… And at least some friends said that they were not running well…