no more snapped handles?

Nice seat mod. It will be interesting to hear how that cut out Kris Holm handle holds up. You have that on a Miyata style CF seat base right? That would explain the need for the washers to act as spacers.

Yeah its a miyata CF seat. The handle feels really cool. It kind of feels more like a reeder in a way because my fingers can wrap around it. I like it a lot so far.

I haven’t noticed it helping my seat in unispins. Most of my 180 unispins are from si, I loved doing them on the kinport, it felt really good. They are pretty nice on this kh too, I just had to get used to it again.

I didn’t tighten this handle all the way down to the base like I did with my last kh that I had on there so I think it will last longer. I don’t feel any flex from the handle so far.

Were you grabbing your nuts by any chance?

Ha, it looked like it.

It does anyways?

Ya I don’t blame you. When I ride people think I’m michle jakson.