No More Shirt Orders.

Ok so 18 people placed orders for shirts and 1 for a patch.
These are the people I currently have with a shirts, if there is a problem please say something, I’m going to be purchasing the shirts tomorrow.

I will be emailing all of you individually, on my information shortly as well. Have a happy holidays everyone.


1S Dylan Wallinger

1M Nick

1XL Harper

1M Catboy

1L Spydev10

1M Tony Melton

1XL Gilby

1L Adam (Accord NSX)

1M Dark side of the Moon,

1L MExtreme Uni

1L Centromatches

1M iron Monk

?? Jaguar
?? Rhysling

umm, you should email me at:

i c’ant wait to get that shirt, i’m so excited!


So its too late to order a shirt?


Patches? And e-mail me at please. Or I’ll talk to you online Mike.

i didnt know about patches…are these embroidered patches or silk screened patches?i have a patch collection of about 20 or 25.

ooooooooh, what do ya got? if its good I’ll buy it.

If I don’t reply to the e-mails, hit me up on IM like you usually do. Thanks man, these things rock!