No more Qu-Ax on

Sorry if this has already come up but I couldn’t find any other threads like it, but did stop selling the Qu-Ax? It’s disapeared from their catologue I noticed. Also, if this is the case does anyone know another place where I can order one, preferably in Canada, if not the US.

go for the Torker DX, a little more expensive, and stronger, but heavier.
they are out of stock, so it doesnt show up in the cataloge till they are back in stock.

They just got them back in stock and should be up on the site sometime this week, including the new one with the reinforced seatpost. Having ridden both I would go for the yellow hubbed qu-ax over the torker dx.

Same here. I would say the Qu-Ax is stronger than the DX, and worth the extra price.

Especially with the new low profile seat, reinforced seatpost and the fact that I believe the yellow hub is also now ISIS.

Torker needs to step it up for '08.

Stop comparing a heavy duty trials unicycle to a cross unicycle. The Qu-ax TRIALS uni (yellow hub) has one of the strongest designs by far. The Qu-ax cross is meant for light trials and muni. Maybe you could think before posting, I’d enjoy that.

As would I.

I am so getty for when their site is all up!

Are you obsessed with that uni or something.

Who wouldn’t be. :wink:

they still have quax just no unicycles, they are probably just out of stock.

I know the qu-ax more expensive than the DX is better, but I didnt know that the smaller qu-ax was stronger too? is that what you guys are saying? I thought it was only meant for 4-6 foot drops? or is this like trying to compare muni to street?

the yellow hub is one of the strongest hubs.

the new quax will be ISIS too so that you can use all cranks and stuff (except koxx like always)

I guess you just didn’t read my post, the third in this thread.

I agree that the Qu-Ax has one of the strongest hubs, I just hop they keep that strengh when it goes to ISIS. Im sure it will.