No more pins!!!!!!!!

I know this probably belongs on “just conversation” but I’m so excited, I wanted everybody to know. The Dr. took the pins out today and I hope to get full motion back soon so that I can grab my unis a little better. Here’s a picture of those “thorns”:

thumb by pins.jpg

And to give a better idea of the size of them:

pins with tape measure.jpg

So I take it your thumb no longer has 8 bones in it? How long until you can start crashing again? :wink:


The fractures were still somewhat evident in the xrays, but I’ve got a splint for it now. I’m grabbing my MUni and heading out to the Texas hill country first thing in the morning :smiley:

congrats kenny, glad your thumb is healing. --chirokid–

Are you going to attach those pins to your muni as a kind of mojo?

I’m not too sure about that idea, they may accidentally get reinserted in a differrent location :astonished: :astonished:

BTW, Thanks chiro :slight_smile:

Man that must have hurt having them taken out. I still haven’t been able to get my daughter to let me remove a splinter in her finger. I can’t imagine being awake while they pulled that out of my body. Glad everything is healing, broken bones suck! So do cut off fingers.:wink:

Believe it or not, it wasn’t all that painful. After they’ve been there for awhile, the body starts rejecting them and they get forced out a little (about 1/16 to 1/8"). I just kept puhing them back in. (They seem to “float” in the hole). A few days ago, I hooked one on the bedspread and pulled it out about an inch. So again, I just pushed it back in. Today, I told the Dr. about it coming so far out and he informed me that he has patients sometimes “lose” their pins without even noticing it.
THAT I find HARD to believe :astonished: :astonished:

getting pinned vs. getting screwed

I’m an RN and was working in the O.R. one day when a guy came in to have some screws taken out of his wrist. He was sedated lightly, but definitely still conscious when the doc hooked up the drill/driver to the screw and gave it a spin;) Unfortunately for this gent, the spin was in the wrong direction :astonished: He was screaming, crying and begging for mercy, but the sedation caused him to forget everything, so by the end of the procedure he thought everything had gone perfectly well :roll_eyes: I love medicine!

If it came out an inch I would have pulled it out all they way. It might have gotten infected pushing it in. Either way that is pretty fraky.

That’s awesome Kenny!

Not to steal Kenny’s moment in the spotlight, but since Bugs brought it up. I took out my stitches last night and well, the wound split back open about a 1/6th deep, all the way across.

Today, I soaked it in saline and then took some real sharp little scissors and cut away all the skin around the wound. It made it look really bad, but should help it to heal a little faster.

And yes, it really makes it hurt now. :frowning: --chirokid–

Doesn’t it feel like you’re that much more extreme when you can say you had pins as a result of an injury? I had a 6" pin in my shoulder when I broke my collarbone 6 years ago (it was real bad). I got a nice big scar to go along with it because I had surgery on it. People ask me where I got the scar, so I say I had a biking accident (this was before I started uni). I feel so extreme. Yes, it was a biking accident, that part is true, but I really don’t care to go into details about it (it’s a rather embarassing story actually, so I try to leave that part out).
Now breaking my wrist, that actually was extreme. I just don’t have the scars to show it. Kind of a bummer how that works out.

Hope the final stages of recovery go quickly for you!

With those pins going in and out through your fingers, you should have got the nickname Wolverine!

I had a slightly larger, thicker, and threaded version of those in my foot when I was sixteen…spanning across the five joints where my toes met the rest of my foot. The removing of those was the worst pain I’ve experienced. Can’t compare it to childbirth since I don’t know, but I will anyway. Didn’t just pull it…unscrewed it from the dang bone. I think I hurled on the doc at one point, which he could have avoided by giving me nitrous.

A friend of mine had asked his mother why women always complain about the pain while giving birth. His mother got a bit annoyed and told him to try peeing out a tennis ball. I can imagine the pain of that.