No more deluxe models on commuters??

Looks like UDC has removed the deluxe models of both nimbus and radial commuter unicycles! Did they run out of airfoil rims or something? I’m bummed! I was just getting ready to order one, too, if my paycheck ever comes in…

They have then I just checked look again.

Crap never mind they had them an hour ago! I hate how stuff disappears and comes back it really pisses me off they should put up a page about their stock.

Maybe it’s just me… But on my page… there isn’t a single one with airfoil rim on there :frowning:

No you are right, they aren’t there. You are better off waiting for the next batch anyways, the current batch of airfoil rims were a bit screwy.

Yeah hopefully they will fix them plus the new uni one is coming out soon!

They were never on UDC uk anyway :frowning:

They’ve also removed the airfoil rims themselves from UDC US, so there’s no way right now for us to get an airfoil.

Hurry up with the “all-new” Coker! (Due out spring of 2012!) :roll_eyes:

That would of been hilarious if the new form of transportation was cokers.

(think back to the future if you don’t get it)

I think I may have read somewhere on the forums that the “all-new” Coker project ran into a snag and the person in charge of it was fired and its been delayed indefinitely.

I sure am glad I didn’t wait for it to get my radial.

Yep! I’m super happy with my radial deluxe. I did upgrade to the KH fusion freeride saddle, SS spokes, better cranks and seatpost, and a brake, but it’s identical to the “nimbus” deluxe except for the frame, which I didn’t want.

So I ordered my N36 with an Airfoil rim two weeks ago.

Is there something particularly “wrong” with the airfoil rim I’ll be getting??

Ahhh, makes me so nervous!!! :astonished:

It startled me when I noticed the deluxe models were all gone

Not that I know of. Apparently the problem before was with innertubes, though it’s still not clear what the inferior tubes were doing.

Not sure of the story there (call to find out). Today, I’d consider the “deluxe” to be a Nimbus with the handlebar and brake!

Yhea, it’s a race which will come out first, the all new Coker or the new Bedford web page which you can find references to it rolling out “soon” back to 2003 or so…


I still think Coker is “about to” roll out their new model, and is probably having production snags. They’re hurting themselves, though, by not having a prototype, or something for us to look at on their web site. It would be nice to know if it’s something worth waiting for!

Last I heard though, they are still working on introducing one. Any rumors to the contrary are probably about stuff that happened last year.

My stepmom called UDC today to change the shipping address of my N36.

She talked to Amy and apparently Amy told her “not to worry if you don’t see the deluxe models on our website”. I couldn’t get anything more out of my stepmom except that Amy said Don’t worry… sounds kinda odd.

Coker Update

If any of you are on the Coker mailing list, you would have received the Coker update email this morning which states in the subject:

“Coker Cycles…the wait is almost over”

The body includes a teaser photo of the fork.

This was the image in the body:


Wow John! Your words are powerful!