No frills snow muni

If I may whine for a moment from here in snow land. This time of year, things sometimes warm up and the snow melts. (like it just did) But while it’s warm, it probably rains. (like it just did). So now it will take weeks just to dry the trails up. But that can’t really happen, because it’s going to get cold and snow plenty of times before spring. Riding these loamy soil trails when their soaking wet destroys them, so it’s highly frowned upon.

I was lucky to find a window of opportunity to ride on the weekend. The local hikers have been packing the snow down nicely, and the temperature was cold enough to keep a solid layer over the trails. I wouldn’t go back anytime soon after today’s huge downpours.

Here’s a video I made. Nothing special so I kept it to 1 minute.
I’m just glad to get an opportunity to ride some trails! I can’t wait for spring and dry trails!!!

Cool video, but not so cool music (in my opinion). Hope your trails get dry soon.