No fotted-shifty

has anyone did no footed shifty ? I just did some over speed bumps haha I was wondering if anyone has tryed it down some stairs or up something ?


I think this trick is called X-up.


Well its not maybe x-up but not really at the same time becaus eI just put by body dosnet move and I turn my uni for about 60 degrees to the right and bring it back to normal under me so is that an x-up ??? and has that been done over stairs ?


I doubt sets. Seat out an x-up isn’t that tricky. But from a seat in position to shifty the thing would be cool to see. I can’t no foot. so yeah. It’d be tricky, haha. But I would love to see a shifty no footer if it’s from seat in to seat in.

-Shaun Johanneson

Re: No fotted-shifty

My question is how can you do a no footed shifty when in the other thread you said you only come 4-6 inches off the pedals? It seems like you would need to go higher or the shifty is only like 15 degrees or somthing.

No way

No you barelly need tot ake your feets of the pedals to turn your uniycle its so easy just sorta scary and u have to be fast as long as your feet arent on your pedals you can turn tour uni pretty easelly.

And its nota total shifty its only about 60 degrees