No Footers?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to land no footer drops. I can do them on flat ground but I can’t drop doing them. Thanks.

What is the problem when you do them off drops?
Do the cranks flip accidentally? It is really hard to help when we dont really know what you are doing.

Oh yeah, sorry. The main problem is that I can’t get my feet off the pedals when I drop. It’s no problem on flat ground though… :thinking:

I have never seen a straight forward no-footer off a drop. I have done it off a curb (kerb) and of course on flat. They are hard to do without the cranks rolling, I mean off drops. Try No-footed-tyre-grabs, they are always good fun. I have done a 4 set like that.


i’ve done a straight no footer rolling hop off of a 3 stair
… i was trying to do a tire grab no footer and it just sorta happened
no footer tire grabs are much easier
swarbrim knows what he’s talking about
try no footed tire grabs

Zack Baldwin does no footers forward off drops, sif too.

Here is one shot of one. He does them in KFC showdown too. They look awesome.

Also, Xavier does a huge 180- no footer off of something in Defect…

zack’s white kinport handle is awesome :roll_eyes:

ih yea, the no footer drop was cool too;)

my tip for doin em off drops is hop and dont take ur feet off but push ur uni down with ur hand and then bring it back in… thats how I do it anyway…