No Footers

ok about no fotters when I do em my feats are over the pedals from about like 4-6 inch but ive seen some ppl do em and thyre feats ar eon the side kinda like uni-spin posistion so are my no footers right or totaly wrong ?


You can pretty much do them either way. Its just easier/harder diffrent ways, and they look different. Id say its personal preference.

I do them like this. Its easier to get back on the pedals again that way.

Good snap shot. Yeah either way is good. If you can get height like that then that was is good. If not, bringing them out is easier to make them look bigger without them being bigger. ha. So yeah, if looks matter, and with tricks, they do. haha. No footers like that are probably the best prep trick for standard unispin. 360, 540, 720 etc… Actually not etc unless you’re going for a 900. haha. That’s a joke


ya thats pretty high but your tire is barelly of the ground