no footer help

hi I can’t figure out how to do a no footer:( my feet get like 1/4 of an inch off the pedals and then my uni rolls out from under me. can someone post a clip of them doing one?


you need to hold the tire really well to do a no footer…it will come with practice!

hold the tire really well???

there are steps i learned them by.

1: just start by jumping off the cranks. land off the unicycle.
2: Jump off cranks/pedals, land on cranks.
3: Jump off cranks/pedals, throw legs out a wee bit, bring back in, land on cranks
4: Jump off cranks/pedals, throw legs WAY out, pull back in, land on cranks.

Be sure to have each progession down relatively solid before mowing up and onward. they aren’t really too hard… if you practice for about an hour or two just doing those, you’ll surprise yourself.

edit: when jumping off cranks, try to have the tire NOT leave the ground. a little is ok, but you don’t want to bring the uni too far up into the air with you.

I’m not understanding what the heck a “no footer” is…I thought he meant coasting at first…

a no footer is where you hop off the pedals, throw your feet out, and land back ON the cranks or pedals. kindo f like a unispin with no spinning of the uni.

A no footer is when you jump and take both feet off the pedals and land back on the pedals.

Are you doing them rolling or static?

I really need help with rolling no footers, whenether i do them the wheel keeps turning in the air so i cant land back on.

if your doing it static (standing still not rolling or anything) then: you have to hold the seat with like an invisible arm, just dont put any pressure on it, jump an inch or two the first time and keep going higher and higher, as you get higher its harder to keep the unicycle in the same place, it just takes practice

thanks everyone. I can already no footer higher.


WEll if its shootin away from you then You might be putting weight on the uni with your hand…jump off and dont push down on the uni with your hands…, Yeah I see how peopele can get confused, there is the no footers that Mornish is aksing about, there are the no footers lie Adam Ryznar did in UNiverse, and there is COasting and gliding…But no footers are a great way of learning to unispin, so keep it up and try to get em high…

Check out my new video, I do a pretty big no footer in that and its in slow mo so its easy to see.


I think there is a no footer at the end of this clip, dont make fun of the shoes, this was flimed 1-2 years ago…

Oops for got the link…

Some people jump straight up and some do more of an extention with their legs, I think an extention looks alot better. As for it shooting out, everything that Cody said is what I would tell you, it will only slip out if you push it down, just jump off it and land back on with no force on the uni inbetween.

ok thx.


Once you get good at them on your uni then move along to no footers on a BC;)

no footer.jpg

Dude that is one WICKED no footer, was that you!?!?!

I am almost certain it is him. Is it odd that I recognize his street???


wow spencer that is insane! I think ill stick with them on my uni though:p

Yeah, its me. Its a screen shot from the movie I am making. My head kind of got chopped off but thats what happens when I film it all myself.

Xavier Collos does a rolling no footer down some stairs in his vener video. When he extends his legs he reaches down and holds the tire.