'No Cycling' Video Short

Three wise men entered the Mountain Film Festival this year and won places upon the ‘Extreme Film School’.


They produced a film (a short!!) about unicycling which as part of the Film Festival is judged against the other ‘short’ entries.:slight_smile:

The judges wanted to award it a joint first but as the organisers would not allow two winners it came second.:frowning:

It is another one for public consumption… but hope you enjoy it.



As the video says at the very end, very cool. That’s a primo little video. It is well done and fun to watch.

Yes, “Very Cool.” Congratulations!


Thanks Guys - we were worried that to other unicyclists it would be rather boring. We but were very tied down as to what the ‘directors’ wanted, had very little time to do it and so rode in the rain to ensure it got made. So I am very glad you enjoyed it.


Great job on the video! I really enjoyed watching it; well done. I especially like the balancing, which faded to the still framed photo at the end. Overall, it was great…

A very well made video! I really enjoyed it. The most impressive part to me was the still stand, and I also thought that the fading into the picture was really neat.

really nice to see some thing like come out of england.

very well made video.


Very nice, really enjoyed it. Now I’m downloading the rest of them.


cool video

Cool video, man!

It’s good how it’s not based purely on unicycle action, but there is plenty of unicycle action in it.

That’s the kind of film I would want to make, a film with unicycles in it rather than a film about unicycles.

The best bit for me tho was watching it with two guys fae uni watching it too, and them going “Woah! That’s cool” then me going “Aye, it is, I was out with these guys a week or two ago!”

But thats just me wanting to be in a film about unicycles.

Again, Cool Video.


I have found my favourite uni video, this is great. just the whole set up and presentation. mmm watched twice and i am going for a third time.

this is something i would be proud if i made it.

that was a well made video!

nice work!:smiley:

“- prepare to join the circus…” :astonished: Unicycling has nothing to do with the circus :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Nice vid tho

Sometimes it does. I went to see the Moscow State Circus on Saturday - there was quite a lot of unicycling in it.

:roll_eyes: :angry: :frowning:

I remember watching this a few back when i first bought a Uni and barely knew how to ride.
Do you still do any trials riding in Cumbria too? I haven’t heard anything recently and your site is down (not sure how recent that problem is).