"no clowns" t-shirt

I’m going to kinkos to have this printed on my shirt! Which one do you prefer? (If neither, you don’t have to choose) I personally don’t have anything against clownd in general, I just want to make it clear to spectators that I’m NOT IN THE CIRCUS haha!:smiley:



I like the idea but I’m not a fan of either of those designs.

Number one!

Or you could just use this:


Yeah I saw that one and it was a tossup, so I made my own. This is also a good one, but I couldn’t find a big enough pic (resolution) of it for a large t-shirt transfer to look clear enough. Maybe somebody could somehow make a large, high quality version of it?


I’ll make a large version of the “No Clown Zone” one if you want. But for now, here is one a cooked up on Word/GIMP:


haha cool great job Tyler! :slight_smile: I have that same font “jokerman” but thought it was too hard to read at a glance. Yeah, please make the other one! Thanks! PS: Do you think maybe that red circle is just a bit too thick?

I think Tyler’s circle is better big, you can’t really distinguish the one in your design from the red already in the picture.

Yeah mine’s too thin for sure I tried to make it thicker but didn’t have that option. I just thought maybe Tyler’s red circle could be just a tas thinner. But it looks really good!

Drum roll please… :slight_smile:

haha Awesome! Did you make that?

If you want to try remaking yours, or for future reference, remember that there is that “no smoking” symbol in the “AutoShapes” section.

Yep! I did everything in Word (the hair consists of two red thought bubbles…), and then screenshot-ed it into GIMP.

Have a shirt exaclty like that, except instead of the drugs and syringes and stuff have a clown face:)

Holy cow, I must be bored… I just converted it to PNG for you, so there is no annoying white background.

I love the smell of PNG transparency in the evening… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah that’s cool! But I’m putting it on a white t shirt anyway. But later I can put it on a another color shirt since there’s no background color now! Thanks.:smiley:

That is so ghetto, I can’t believe you drew that in word haha.

Keeeriest, I guess you’ll take any reason to create yet another new thread in RSU, eh MuniAddict? :frowning: :astonished: :frowning: :astonished: :thinking: :angry: :thinking: :angry:

I’m amazed you resisted the temptation to tack a poll onto it so the community could help you decide between those two tough and important choices.

In the spirit of The No Clown Zone and The Simpsons, you could have a tag line saying “Can’t stop riding, clowns will eat me…”

You’re easily amazed!:smiley:

New threads are fun. I don’t post much anymore, but on boring summer days, posting new threads is a bit like crack. :wink: