No. California Unicycle Races, 5/17/98

Once again, we will be holding the “Cyclebration Classic Antique Bicycle and
Unicycle Races” in Davis California on May 17, 1998. This year, instead of being
on the UC Davis campus, the event will be held in beautiful downtown Davis This
will be a day long event scheduled as part of “National Bike Month” activities.
Other attractions will include a tricycle race for the kiddies, a demonstration
by the Diamondback BMX Stunt Team, displays of unusual bicycles and
“whimsicals”, and an historical bike tour.

Events for the unicycles will include the 400 meter race, a slow race, and the
obstacle race, with really cool medals for ist, second, and 3rd place finishers.

If you live anywhere near here, you should make a point of coming over and
joining in on the fun. Think about it - we got permission to block off the
streets for unicycles, so we want as big a showing as possible. For details
please contact me at the address(es) below. Thanks.

Tim Bustos, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, ECI #560 City of Davis, Public Works
Department 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis, California 95616 TEL. - 530/757-5686;
FAX - 530/758-4738 E-mail:

“One definition of insanity is to keep doing things the same way, and expecting
different results.” Anonymous