No Body Armour

I just started uni’ing and I’m wondering whether to buy some shinguards. Are they worth the money?

Yes, they are very much worth the money.

You should get the new Kris Holm ones, or 661 4x4s.

Very worth it. =p

I wear them every time I ride, cause even when im not doing a gap or muni, or technical stuff, I still sometimes get in some weird wreck with the pins stabbing into my shins. Luckily, I had the shin guards on.

well, skin graphs and titanium bone replacement is all the rage right now…
YES! go buy yourself something to cover your shins, if you can’t afford anything, borrow yo mommas socks and stuff them with sponges!!!

You will find out soon enough…

Just riding around you probablly won’t need shin pads all that much, but when you start doing tricks or riding more aggresivly you won’t need to ask… You’ll know when you need them.

What style of unicycling are you doing?

Freestyle or regular riding doesn’t need shin guards or leg armour.
For trials, muni, and street riding you’ll want some sort of leg protection and probably also gloves.

if you have pinned pedals you need them. if you’re running plastic platforms, you should be fine without.

plastics hurt heaps cos it doesnt cut sometimes and that hurt and when you cut the skin it really hurts
yes get them