I had been eyeing a nice smooth open space with ramp and railings near the civic centre - no obvious ‘no cycling’ signs. Then I saw this. Do you get the impression that somebody somewhere didn’t actually know that unicycles were a thing but foresaw in a dream that one day, he would want to ban them anyway?

No Unicycles small.jpg

I guess this would be an illegal law:
as a wheelchair would fit under “riding” and “wheels”…

I guess it doesn’t cover one of those walking giraffes. There was a thread on them a short while ago.

“Or other equipment” pretty much covers everything, including all the vehicles in the Dr. Seuss books.

I guess the occupants of pushchairs and prams are fined the £500, rather than the parents.

While I was away, there were a lot of “no wheels except wheelchairs and pushchairs” meaning my uni was off limits

We are starting to live in a world in which any unusual activity is prohibited unless it is engaged in by the ruling class. As a unicyclist, you will become more aware of this emerging reality than many other people.

Donald Trump wasted no time in his inauguration speech declaring himself to be a “law and order” president. Does anybody on this forum think he’s referring to the lawlessness of corporations and the elite? The only place where the law is applied equally to both the rich and the poor are in situations like stealing bread and sleeping under the bridge.

…and riding a unicycle in the Exeter Civic Centre and Car Park.

This problem started long before Trump! I’m sure he will raise inequality to new levels and commit many unspeakable war crimes, perhaps even more than his predecessor if he really makes an effort, but he’s only just getting started.

A couple of weeks ago in Middle America, I got thrown out of a dead mall for wheel walking -something you really can’t do outdoors in the snow. It was about my fourth or fifth time at that mall, which for decades has only been used by a small number of people who pace back and forth to counter the effects of extreme old age. It is quite spacious, so the few people I encountered all seemed amused by my wheel-walking foolishness and were very friendly, but finally management caught up with me, and I had the conversation that all of you have probably had at some point:

“Excuse me, sir, we have a rule against bicycles here!”
“This isn’t a bicycle.”
“Then what is it?”
“It’s a unicycle,” her friend said, “and I’m an insurance agent!”

Don’t you just love the self important blusterings from the keepers of the fabric. Entertainment value flies out of the window all at once, but they seem to baulk at dog mess clearing enforcement, or older teens playing on the swings of toddlers after dark, whilst normally either stoned or drunk.
They put up some park styled exercise machinery a while back then had the gaul to try and implement age usage, and dare I say, self-insurance…!!
Cut to the quick and cut down all parkland trees because of hazard potential, remove all the grass to prevent dog soiling hazards, and drain boating lakes, and oceans.
Felixstowe Town in Suffolk has just passed an ordinance allowing cycling on the promenade at last, Ironic isn’t it…?? :thinking: :thinking:

They forgot to put, “No having fun!” Yeah, that’s a pretty oppressive and ambiguous sign, and a £500 fine for a car park? That’s a little excessive! I’m not sure I’d even walk through there. They might consider my shoelaces “other equipment”.

Maybe they don’t like Segways and hover boards either.

Wow! That is very similar to what “they” are doing in a playground near me! It’s amazing when something you think is the work of local idiots turns out to be happening on the other side of the planet as well.

When our new Mr. President speaks, his intended audience only seems to be his base; the people who are for him, and believe anything he says. If that weren’t true, he might put a little more effort toward facts.

It’s lawyers. The job of a lawyer is to enrich other lawyers. And who make the laws? Lawyers! So we have liability. If your feet slips off the front of the tire and you land flat on your back, the building owners/management are potentially liable for millions of dollars, even if you are not seriously injured! Unfortunately this is not theoretical; this stuff happens every day. My company employs over 600 people, any one of whom, if they get in a bad mood, can potentially bring the whole operation down if they have a gripe and find the right lawyer. It’s as scary as hell once it’s happened to you once (and it’s happened to my company more than once). :frowning:

So the owners of the nice, smooth pavement or floor want to control what happens on it, and have to be paranoid due to those other lawyers that figured out how to get rich from people falling down. Best to practice on your own bit of smooth pavement, if you own one. Even better if you rent one. :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s time for me to start telling everyone again I’m Canadian, just like I did from 2001 - 2009, especially when travelling outside the country. :frowning:

Sorry to half hitch this thread but, Trump over here in Britian, appears in media photographs with a coterie of YES people standing in the background looking dumb. I ally that with the flat capped YES folk from North Korea who gather like moths to a flame… weird !
Meanwhile back in Suffolk, a little girl, with her parents on a Wednesday, was told off just after Christmas riding her new bicycle with stabilisers in the park. Her parents pushing her along with a stick on the saddle. The complaint was made by a once weekly, Sunday morning for couple of hours, Boules club… Elitist, thou shalt not encroach on the rules brigade… !! :astonished: :thinking:

Did you read about the fuss Trump made about a woman hiker taking an al fresco pee on his golf course? This in Scotland where the right to roam is enshrined in law. How can you walk through the countryside without nipping behind a bush every so often?

I do it all the time, my neighbour hates it… !! :smiley: :astonished:

Restrictions on the use of public space seem to be tightening all over the Western world, often through local statutes which don’t really seem so local once you see that they are being applied everywhere from Los Angeles to East Anglia! Unicycling will likely be impacted as much as calisthenics, skateboarding, busking and most other urban outdoor activities that don’t generate immediate revenue for someone important.

The age-restricted exercise equipment that Regina Rex mentions on the first page of this thread reminds me of laws that already exist in New York, and that are also being proposed for all the parks in Los Angeles! Around here, the pretext is the familiar American argument that a sexual predator lurks behind every tree, but some of the attacks on freedom of movement are really about preventing mass uprisings. During and after the Occupy Wall Street encampment, for example, there was a general tightening of curfews in New York City parks. In many cases, though, these statutes, rather than being a reaction to some specific event, are just a general product of governments and institutions that instinctively fear the people they govern, and thus make a great effort to prevent them from gathering or associating in any unusual or unauthorized way.

Extreme penalties for petty infractions (eg a £500 fine for operating a “mechanical contrivance” in a parking lot) are also a fairly common feature of societies with high levels of economic inequality.