[NL] Schlumpf 26 inch geared unicycle

The hub is from 2016 and the latest generation.
Unicycle has only been ridden in dry conditions.
Always use a torque wrench to tighten the cranks and bearing caps bolts.

The rims show some sign of wear from the rim brake because of that the uni comes with a spare 26 inch rim.
Disc brake ready because of the Spirit cranks KH frame with disc brake mount.

  • Schlumpf 2016 geared hub
  • KH 26 inch frame with rim brake and disc brake mounts
  • Magura Hydraulic Rim Brake with new brake pads
  • 165/137 KH Spirit cranks
  • WTB ranger 26 x 2.8 tire
  • KH 26 inch rim and spare rim
  • DT swiss double butted spokes
  • Wellgo Magnesium Pedals
  • Flattened KH Saddle with reinforcement plate
  • Starfighter Brake Lever Extension
  • Schlumpf tools

Asking 1650,- euro

Would you sell just the hub?

PM send

i am also selling just the hub.

Asking price for the hub 1250,- euro

Is there a reason why you weren’t running a disc brake?

personally, i don’t like the look of the external disc brake.

Is it still for sale?

Or did somebody else buy it?

Yes it still for sale


age of frame?

Hi rvs,

nice ride :+1::grin:! What age is the uni (you wrote only the hub’s age)?

Thanks and greets!!

The frame and cranks are from 2017.
Tire is from 2018.
The rest of the parts are older but don’t know which year.
And the guni comes with a brand new spare rim.