[NL] MagLOCK Bike Pedals Stealth

This are the new and light version of the MagLock bike pedals system.
I tried them on various of my unicycles.
There are not for me my knee starts to hurt when i use them.
More information on http://www.maglockbikepedal.com
And here MagLOCK Unicycle Pedals

Asking price 60,- euro


I see that these are available for $100 on their website, so I’m curious about shipping. Any idea what it would it would cost to ship these to the US (Chicago)?

shipping cost to the US are 24,- euro

now for 50,- euro.

Nobody want to try these pedals?
I also have a pair of shimano spd shoes size eu 42 (us 8.5)


i would like to buy them if they are still for sale ?!