[NL] Free triton frame with cranks

This frame has cracks in one of the frame tubes.
Frame fits a 26 or 29 wheel with magura brakes.
Also comes with a d-brake disc mount.
If you pay for the shipment you can have this frame for free.

E-mail sent

PM sent if Tony falls through

Damn it Steven. I was about to send a PM. I doubt Steven will not take it, but if it falls through, I’ll take it 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you explain such crack ?

PM notification

Already sent PM (in time), notification only today

I use the frame with a disc brake on that side and later with a schlumpf hub.
I notice the cracks when i was using the schlumpf hub so i think its from force of the knurled side.

The frame is gone.

free cranks

Can I have the free cranks? :wink:

I hope there will be a video of the final, catastrophic failure.

I Hope there won’t be the video :smiley:
I’m expecting the frame :slight_smile:

Jaco Flans is able to save this frame After home made Ti Welding

As Bouin-Bouin said, I’m able to fix it if you need :wink:

All I need is TIG welder and 5.0 Ar and I can fix it too, but thanks! :wink:
P.S. I really like your frames Jaco!