[NL] Cranks,D-Brake and Pedals

100mm isis qu-ax cranks 10,- euro
Super lightweight qu-ax pedals 260g (pair) 50,- euro
Nimbus d-brake with 180mm adaptor 20, -euro


I’d be interested in the D-Brake and the adapter. How much would shipping be, to Paris, France?

Shipping cost to france is 10,- euro.

Hi rvs, is the d’brake still available? Shipping to UK also €10 if so?

The d’brake still available shipping cost to uk is also 10,- euro.

It looks like I don’t need the adapter and a new d’brake is about the same price from UDC taking into account the shipping. I’m sorry for wasting your time.


Hi Rene,

is the D brake and 180mm adaptor still available? I so, I would like to take it. You could simply bring it to Süchteln if we ride the next time, if that is ok for you.



Are the 100mm cranks still for sale? If so, how would it cost to ship them to Sweden?

All the best!