NJ/Moab/CMW/UNICON Video - NJMuni Vid 1


Check out this muni and trials video I put together. It’s a little long at 7:08 but I didn’t feel like splitting it out into seperate videos.

The first half is some footage of me and my fellow NJ/NY MUni crew that I had laying around. The second half was taken with my digital camera (sorry about the lower quality) and contains clips I captured of other riders at past events such as Moab 2005, California MUni Weekend 2005, and UNICON XIII Switzerland 2006.

Sorry about the YouTube quality. I’ll post a higher quality version for download later.

For now hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think.


Really liked the Muni part of your video. Some impressive downhill drops, and that long skinny was awesome.

Really cool video man.

Best all around video I’ve seen.

That was really well put together, and since you traveled a ton and rode with a lot of really good riders it was awesome riding. That steep downhill was really cool, and also another angle of Xav doing the massive footplant on the dumpster at unicon, because in the street run of him doing that, its a really bad angle and you can’t see him.

Nice video!

That was awesome man! I’m honored to be in that video with all those amazing riders :slight_smile:

I recognized a lot of those muni lines haha.

Thanks for the feedback. The video editing software was a little frustrating to work with at times. My PC actually blue screened once and I lost a lot of saved work. :angry: The version of Ulead I’m using is not even supported anymore.

Hey Jason, haha well you should recognize those lines because you were the one that shot some of them. :smiley: Hope you still have the NUMEN and Tourne tapes laying around. I believe there’s some good stuff on those as well. Mike too still owes me some footage of Ramapo we did months back.