NiteRider Tire availability

Anyone know who, if anyone, has these in stock yet? I missed the first batch and I don’t want to wait until July! Thanks for the help,


Nimbus is a house brand. If none of the stores have it in stock, you’re unlikely to find it anywhere else.

Can’t help you with tyre availability further than what’s already been said, but how’s your bike going? Has it actually proved to be particularly good at anything, apart from coolness? (If you’re not the one who built the 36er bike then ignore me - I thought I recognised the name).


It doesn’t say “out of stock” on the UK site.

We have 3 in stock in Canada

Peter, thanks for the tires, it was great to talk to you.

Rob, I am the one who made the 36er bike. I have two of them now, and they continue to be just a joy to ride. They handle very well off road around here, and are just killer for gravel road rides. They will even ride up stairs if you can pedal them! The first bike we built is the now maroon one, and the silver SS is the second bike. I know of 6 other 36ers, and with the new rims and tires, I foresee many more in the future. Here are a few pics of the bikes. Thanks again, cheers,


SS 36 001small.JPG

SS 36 006small.JPG

So when are you going to start selling frames :slight_smile:
…one can dream.

I own a bike shop. Wheels and framesets are built here in Faribault. I build the wheels, and a local frame builder builds the frames for us. Due to the high cost, we have not built any for customers yet, though it is rather easily done. I’m not here to try and sell them, just to give credit to the help I’ve received here, and to show the progress of the bikes. There has been a lot of talk on other forums about spamming boards and the like. Please know that’s not my intention here. Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the update Ben. They look really cool - I like the way you’ve managed to cram the wheels into a reasonably sensible wheelbase. Bizarre looking things though! They’d look good with a curved downtube like some of the old SWB racing frames (like this one) - probably much harder to build like that though.


Yeah, the curved tubes would be nice, but having them bent is rather expencive. I It requires a very specific tubing bender, and it’s hard to have done properly. The bikes have about as short of a wheelbase as I figure is possible with these wheels. Both are right about 46.5"s. That makes them about 2" longer than my 19" 29er MTB, not bad at all.

I noticed that you seemed very intentional about your lack of self-promotion.

This board is a little more tolorant of relevant “spam”, meaning products we’re actually interested in.

There are so few unicycle specific shops and products that we actually appreciate knowing what’s out there and where to get it. Even though your freakin’ awesome bike isn’t a unicycle, it is (obviously) of interest to those of us who have come to love all things 36er

Thanks for that. On a few boards I frequent, that’s really become an issue. I just wanted to put it out there. For anyone interested, framesets are about $1100 depending on options, and the wheels are about $500.

That’s very reasonable!