Nirve tires

Check out the “Bad Ass” (Flames!!) and “Fat Ass” (24x3) tires.

I want to buy a 26’’ cruisery type uni just so I can run the hello kitty tire.

I bought a “Fat Ass” 24x3 from Darren Bedford a little over a month ago and it is a great tire!!! It is a wonderful “Cruising” tire and has enough flex to be a very good trials tire as well!

My son thinks the tire is awsome on the turns!

How would you rate the sidewall thickness? I have been looking for a thicker-sidewalled slick tire to replace my fireball for urban on my muni.

This is a really thin sidewall tire! In comparison with a Maxxis Hookworm this tire would be paper thin. But because of that it flexes very well and if the tire pressure is not too low the bounce is better then my Gazz !

I don’t have a fireball tire so I could not make the comparison to that tire.

Sidewall thickness would be about the same as a Metro Duro, but the slick is much thicker and obviously much wider then a Duro (and slicker).

This is definitely not an offroad tire!

I used to ride this tire on my 26er. It was a great tire (and very cheap). Eventually, I replaced it for a Maxxis hookworm. The reason for the switch was the Badass was getting too many flats. The flats were caused by thorns on the road where I ride. This tire provided a great ride. I’m not sure if the hookworm is more thorn resistant, but I haven’t gotten any flats since.

I was thinking that there would be some difference between the hookworm and the badass in terms of performance. After all, the Hookworm was three times more expensive. After riding both for a while, I decided that I like the ride from the Badass better. This is mainly because it’s much lighter and easier to control. I used both tires mainly for road riding and some light XC.

Here is a link to a thread I started about the Badass: