Nirve Badass Tire

I have about 150 miles on the Nirve Badass Tire now and I all I have are praises for this wonderful tire. I haven’t rode any other 26inch slicks and I don’t think I will until this one is worn and dead. Speaking of which, this tire is showing almost no signs of wear. The ultra slick tread (the flames are cut out) makes for a very smooth ride.

The only real downside is that I was unable to get the black wall (my LBS was sold out) so I was forced to get the white wall. Too bad it’s not very white anymore.

90% of my riding is on road. The last 10% is light cross country, and some urban MUni (grass yards, fields, gravel, and hard pack). The tire has preformed well under all conditions with the exception of mud. No tire tread makes for no traction in mud. The tire also held up very well on a sharp coral path I tried riding.

I would recommend this tire to anyone looking for a good cheap ($19) 26 inch tire.

How wide is it. It seems a lot like the fireball, only 26". The fireball is nice and a 3.0.