Nirve Badass Tire?

Have any of you heard of the Nirve Badass tire? It’s a 26x2.125, but it looks a bit wider. It has a pretty wicked flame tread and a fairly square profile. There are a few other tires from Nirve that look pretty awesome, but does anyone know how well they perform?

Mainly, i’m looking for a tire for my 26 soon to be street cycle.

Any comments?

Darren Bedford has a 3" version of this tire

is it called Fatass or something? BIgass, Badass?

something like that…it seems to have all the same makings of the fireball, except a less visually appealing tread, but almost 1/2 the price

why would you want a square profile? doesn’t that mean you can’t turn?

I need a Hello Kitty tire! WOO HOO~

I want the Hello Kitty tire too. How did they come up with something like that?

the cool thing about these tires, if they are like the fireball, is that they leave cool flame-tracks on the trail. i wish i had a photo.


the tread pattern (and resulting foorprint) is definetly not as cool as the fireball

All of us proud Fireball owners know that “If it ain’t a Fireball, it ain’t”.

I pretty sure I’m going to pick one up today. The question is, which one? I’m thinking the whitewall flame. Anyone know how long white walls stay white after being in some mud?

I already named my 26 “The Beast” so I thought the Kitty tread would be cute to have on it, but i’m not sure if I want cute for the Beast. What do you think?

The other question I had was, how well do these do in the wet? I’m sure they can’t be all that good, but would one do better then the others? I was thinking that the flame might be a little better because of the way the tread is cut.

What ever I get, pics will be posted.


I’d get the black one… one of the nice things about the fireball is the contrast between the vast area of black and the small, bright white text spinning like fireworks around the wheel. If this one doesn’t have logos on maybe you could get some tipp-ex… :slight_smile:

Best thing (I think, anyway) about the fireball, and presumably other similar tyres such as this… when you’re doing tricks or something and it makes an occasional little “squeak!”. Whether the trick was impressive or not it always makes me feel hardcore.



I think you technically have to able to ride it for 100m before you actually ‘own’ it


Oh, so I’ve owned it for longer than I thought then…

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve decided to go with the whitewall flame. Actually, the choice was made for me as it was the only Nirve in stock at my LBS. I didn’t get a chance to ride it yet, but I’ll take care of that tomorrow here are some pics:

I’m really liking this tire! I have never ridden a fireball, so I can’t make that comparison, but it is a lot better then the one the uni came with. The smooth tread had not cause me any traction problems yet, and the round profile makes turning a breeze. After looking at it on my uni, it doesn’t look as wide ad I expected, but that’s not a very big problem.

If anyone is looking for a cheap ($20), fairly wide, cool treaded, 26 this Nirve is a good option.


Looks good, Daniel!

But I figure that one just shouldn’t turn down the opportunity to run over several Hello Kitty heads over and over and over…


If my LBS had them is stock, I just might have had to get it. :smiley:

Not that I’m riding on flames, I need some decals of the same nature. What color do you think would look the nicest on chrome?


Take your pic:
Personally i think the red and black flames are best!