nipple question

I just have a simple question… maybe it’s a bit stupid, but I were just wondering about I could re-use my spoke nipple, cause I’m gonna paint my rim soon…

Dang, I thought this one was about girls.

i wouldn’t
don’t take your wheel off to repaint your rim, just tape off your spokes very carefully, it takes a HUGE amount less effort to do so.

If you have already taken your wheel apart and you want to re-use the nippels it is fine as long as they are in good shape.

If for some reason you want to take the rim out of the wheel to paint it, but haven’t yet you can tie the spokes with tape before unlacing it, and it’s very straight forward to lace it back up.

To make really quick work of wheel building you can use a nipple driver bit that has a stop for the spoke. It makes unlacing, and relacing fast with a cordless drill.

I have done it but would not recommend it. Nipples are cheep, get some new ones (but keep some old ones for spares, you never know when you might need them)

You can re use your nipples.

While we’re on the subject, if you have Alu nipples, I suggest getting Brass ones. Those break so much less.

Another related question: If you get a new hub and your spokes are 1+ years old, should the spokes be replaced?

Thanks for the answers guys…
I just think I forgot to say that I’m also gonna clean up the hub and a few spokes, because last time I painted my rim it weren’t covered at all…
here’s a pic: