Ninth Annual Flower Power Bike Ride

Hello everyone, On Saturday I joined the Flower Power Ride in
Muskogee,Oklahoma,USA. Our team chose the 38 mile loop. This was my first
“organized” ride since joining the local(Tulsa) bicycle club last month.

I felt comfortable at the starting line with a team behind me. Most of the
bikers were amazed that I would even attempt such a ride on a unicycle. The ride
itself was pretty mean for the distance. In the first hour there was high winds.
The overall number of hills were much higher than I’m accustomed to as well.
Still I averaged 9.8 mph on my Coker (110 mm cranks)and rode the entire distance
in less than 5 hours including breaks.

Everyone else in the ride was really supportive and many congratulations
expressed. I had a leaky tire and every time I asked for help (air) it was
granted immediately. I got back in time for the prize drawing (I won a bell for
my Coker).

I’m sorry for the earlier posting (no content-bad habit of hitting enter key
constantly) and I’m sorry for my frequent use of the word “bike”

During the ride 4 people told me they “used to unicycle”. I encouraged them to
ride again “never too old” and I referred many people to “”.


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