Nimus Drak with custom powder coat

Up for sale is my trusty old Nimbus Drak 29" muni. This is a rock solid muni but I no longer ride it in favor of my other unis.

I wasn’t too fond of the stock gloss black powder coating so I took it to Primo Powder Coating in Frederick MD and picked out a unique textured powder coat. They bead blasted it and applied the new powder coat to the frame, seat post, bearing cups, and bearing cup bolt heads. This is one unique looking uni :sunglasses:
Here’s the uni on their web site:


  • Nimbus Venture 2 cranks 150mm.
  • Stock pedals.
  • Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35" tire, brand new. This tire has maybe 4 miles on it.
  • Magura HS33 brake from "brycer".
  • Kris Holm Fusion Freeride saddle, fabric cover.

The lever reach adjustment screw doesn’t work but other than that the brake works perfectly.

Asking $275 plus shipping to the 48 states. To avoid shipping, consider local pickup in the 20879 area.

I am very interested in this. I will PM you my contact info. Seems we are neighbors. I’m also 20879.

Congrats on your purchase!

Uni is now sold.