nimbusII vs DH frame

i will e-mail them and see. sells Koxx stuff in the US. I would still get the nimbus though, the seatpost shim in the koxx frames can be tricky to get right and it’s bothersome to change seat height.

I used to get so pissed with the shims. I got to the point I didnt want to even own a K1 frame. Tho once I figured out the trick I didnt mind it at all. It felt nice and solid when tightning up and the hassle was long gone.

what do you mean exactly, agentQ?

how is it bothersome?

When I saw Bryan Stevens trying to change the seat height on his orange bud the shim would come right up out of the frame with the seatpost. He was having a tough time getting the shim to stay in the frame and not stick to the post. I’m guessing thats what the others are talking about.

I’ve never had such problems when I used to own Devil frames. But, I am guessing it is because it could be for a variety of factors:

  1. you need to put grease in the shim, so the seatpost doesn’t stick
  2. bad shim supplied by Koxx.

As for the bad shim reason, I was told by that many Devils came with faulty shims that wouldn’t fit them properly so he had to go get a bunch of shims that proeprly fitted. Perhaps Bryan was unlucky enough to have gotten one of the shims that didn’t qiute fit (a little too small so it wiggles inside the frame?)

It’s hard to fix the shim, too. You have to take out the seatpost, take off the seatpost clamp, then take a vice grip type device to squeeze the shim to make it able to turn in the frame and line it up with the slit, pound it down with a blunt object, and finally put your uni back together and hope that you put enough lube on the seatpost so that it doesn’t stick when you twist the seat down.

What worked for me was to cover the outside of the shim with a lubricant. Slide the shim onto the seatpost to the hight you are going to want, or a little taller then you want. Now pinch the shim closed and slide both parts into the seat tube. It will tighten up making the shim grab tight to the seatpost and now you can just twist into place. Sorry if that made no sence.

Oh weird, I’ve never ever had problems with shims. Ever.

I’m starting to become convinced that there’s something seriously wrong with the new Devils.

Or, it could just be that shims are tricky for some people. As Sam pretty much said, they are designed to flex inwards when you squeeze them so they slide into the frame easily and flex outwards again once you release it. I see it as standard practice to put some grease on both the inside and outside of the shim to make sure seizing doesn’t happen.

If you have a Koxx doubleclamp on your devils, then removing the shim is a doddle, as the upper lip of the clamp sits right below the shim, you just lift the clamp and it pulls the shim out with it.

I think, what’s important to understand about shims is that they are designed to flex so you can easily fit them into frames, and also grease is paramount, as always.

Maybe it’s also that Koxx are supplying badly sized shims. This is something that MDC confirmed to me. Hmm…

Why so much work for something so simple?

You get a flat head screwdriver, place it on the top edge of the shim, then tap it out with a hammer.