nimbusII vs DH frame

Allright, im getting a new frame i already know that. My dilema is i dont know if the DH frame has any advantages over the nimbus besides the factthat i can get 27mm seatpost. I know the nimbus has machined bearing holders but i dont know how that is an advantage :thinking: . I also like the color of the dh frame better…but that doesnt matter (im not going to pay forty bucks more for the dh just because i like the color better. Just for clarification im talking about the nimbus trials frame.

the reason i want a new frame is my quax is dented up and the tire clearance is really bothering me

The DH frame has a very crappy clear coat. It will rust as you live in CT. I would go with a powdercoated frame over that one. I could sell you my rusty DH if you really want that frame. Get is sandblasted and painted, cause your gonna have to anyway.

what about the nimbus II frame, will that rust, if it will ill get the powdercoated version (i like the chrome better tho)

What about a KH? Its not so good for flatland but flatland sucks anyway and you dont want to do that :smiley:

Hope Spencer and John do not read this one…

Peter M

haha i like flatland…but if i was gonna spend that much on a frame ($200+shipping) i would just save up and get a triton.

There like ÂŁ80 thats 1/3 of the price of the triton. When you say nimbus do you mean the nimbus X? If so you should probably get that if you dont want to spend big bucks. I have it on my freestyle uni, it is a very nice frame.

It is crome, as long as its a pretty good quality crome, which I think it is (my friends has never showed any signs of rust) it shouldnt rust.

No worries, its not like they know were I live…do they?

well the nimbus trials frame is $40 here in the states, a kris holm is $200 and a triton is $400, so if i were gonna save up to get a nice frame id just save a little more and get a triton!

It’s not like we really care what your opinion is about it either. Your taste in style won’t change how anyone else rides. If I didn’t like street I wouldn’t go telling everyone it sucked in every street discussion or video thread.

Pretty sure you can get a KH frame from Darren for $150. I know thats how it used to be but I don’t know if the exchange rates messed that up.

its 175 plus shipping…this is getting out of hand tho my question was…

  1. Whats so good about machined bearring holders

  2. Is the dh frame worth the extra money

With the exchange rate the way it is, it would probably cost about 180.

I’m pretty sure its 175 CAD for a KH from Darren.

  1. they don’t wiggle or wreck your bearing.

  2. not in my opinion.

  3. Kh frames are awesome.

  4. flatland is fun.

Get the Nimbus II frame, the overall build quality is much higher than that of the DH. As others have said machined holders are great. My Nimbus II shows no signs of rust and the chrome is holding up really well. The clearance is perfect and you won’t have to buy a new seatpost. There is absolutely no reason why the DH should cost more than the nimbus II frame. In my mind it has absolutely no advantages over the Nimbus frame.

Im actually comparing the two side by side right now. In all honesty they look VERY similiar. Excluding the machined baring holders I don’t see any real difference between the two. Although my DH frame has little rust squiggles in spots, it doesn’t make a difference performance wise. Suprisingly enough, the nimbus frame has absolutley no clearance. It’s even less then my DH and we even shimmed up the frame.

When it comes down to it the 2 are identicle. One is chrome and one is clearcoated in a raw finish. If you want to get the DH, make sure you go over it with a clearcoat of your own. If you want the nimbus, take the gay unicycle emblem off it.

Hope this helps

Isn’t all the Koxx steel frames all the same? If you got a red devil for example, it would be the same as the DH? I would get a frame that carries 27.2.

i need a new post anyway, but that is what im gonna get

get dh… thye look awesome

Qu-ax post will not fit in a DH frame I think.
Then you would need 2 shims in it, don’t think that will be so strong.
Your seat will twist.

Peter M

I will be getting the nimbus frame. I’m going to get the nimbus CrMo post because I don’t want to order all the way from It will be about 65 dollars worth of stuff.