NimbusII 24" in Boston, MA


I’ve bought it this summer and I have to be back to my country, and I was surprised after found out how much would it cost if i ship it…so, i am going to sell it and rebuy later…

Seatpost has been cut as short as possible, so minimum required inseam length is 28inch and I guess you could heighten it…

and I once broke a pedal and fixed it with J-B weld so you can’t replace its pedal only, but have to replace entire cranks with pedals…

Quite possibly interested. PM’ed.


Can we see pictures? How old is the unicycle?

REupload with pictures NimbusII 24" in Boston, MA

You can see the pictures here

I bought it this june…

Actually I have to leave this country this friday. what a lazy me… So I’ll be very happy if someone would get this deal quickly

I’ll take it!

PM sent. I’ll give you $110 + shipping.

Thanks for all intersts

I have no time in this country… Icould say I’m a man of responsibility, but if there happens any problem during shipping, I simply could not do anything… physically.:o Sorry BenNC I could not help but say your offer is a tad lower priority…

I would like to buy Jeremy’s offer. $100, local pickup or person in person?

I’m the “someone” that Jeremy R was talking about - my friend would like to buy it (PM sent with contact info). He can meet you wherever you are in boston to pick it up.

Thanks Jeremy!