is the Nimbus Trials Deluxe uni worth buying?

probebly;) Nimbus’s are good unis

  • whats the link is the link for the nimbus stuff

looks good

I personally do not like the nimbus frame :frowning:

WHy not go with that cheaper qu-ax right below it?

Yeah dude, the qu-ax is isis. But other than that the nimbus looks good.

Well that one isn’t a trials wheel. It has a 20" rim (not 19) and I am pretty sure the ISIS quax is weaker than the other.

Acutally, the Quax isis trials uni we currently have in stock in NZ DOES have a 19" rim (I’m pretty sure we are the only UDC currently stocking this model of Qu-ax - all the others who stock a uni with this hub have the 20" rim version).

As you note, the qu-ax isis hub is weaker than the Quax muni hub which is specced on the nimbus trials deluxe. The Nimbus trials deluxe is the stronger of the two unicycles.

Unless you are living in Australia or NZ the postage would probably make it not worth your while. It would cost so much to order one in you may as well get a more expensive model from your local unicycle supplier. If you live down under then it is a very good buy.

Oh sorry. Yeah, I didn’t read the description, I just saw the picture and assumed it was the same as the other ones.