browsing through, looking in the trials section…

noticed that all nimbus trials now ship with rounded crown frame…


wtf? maybe they ran out of the normal ones. round crown frames suck.

also why doesnt it show the nimbus hoppley?! i was just about to buy one for my brother…ugh wtf

Round crown frames only suck if you want to do foot on crown moves…But if you ride pure trials theyre grat…You never bash your knees.

I assumed that rounded crown frames were a lot weaker than crown topped frames. Am I wrong?

Mostly. The strength of a structure is related to its shape, but shape alone does not determine strength. Quality and thickness of materials, design and build/weld quality are all factors.

And generally, frames are the last things to break on a unicycle so crown design isn’t really an issue unless you need to stand up there.

Well ive been rockin a round crown on my Trials for the last month or so and its held up great to all the junk ive tossed at it.