Hey out of the Nimbus 20-inch Phantom Hoppley and the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub which is better? I heard that the nimbus with moments is better. Does this mean the crank moments or the hub moment? Anyways which is better and advantages + disadvantages. :roll_eyes: Im on limit for around 400 $ so any other suggestions for a street/trials cycle would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

The ISIS hub version is more compatible with other cranks and stronger when paired with moment cranks. I’d avoid the hoppley.


When I upgrade my hub for street, should I buy a Nimbus or KH ISIS hub?

I would go with the new Kris Holm Isis hub.

Is the '09 much better that the '08? How much better could it be? I guess the aluminum flanges or whatever…

I’m pretty sure the new flanges won’t bend and I don’t know much else. The nonbending flanges thing is enough for me to wat one.

Are bent flanges on the older KH hubs a big problem amongst street riders? I would think the older KH hub would be fine for me. Until I start jumping off houses…

As much as I’ve heard about the KH hubs breaking/bending, I haven’t heard the same about the nimbus version. As the hubs are essentially the same, with exception of the cutouts, I think the nimbus ISIS hub would be an easy way to save some money over the new Moment hub. You also get the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t testing a new hub.

We’ll see if people break the new hub. I remember from my BMX days seeing a lot of hubs with broken flanges. The aluminum looked like someone took a bite out of the flange. The new hub is really cool looking though.

The Onza hub here is on sale…maybe I could get that with Moments.

That Onza hub won’t work with Moments. It’s not ISIS.

I got the Hoppley when it was the blue version. I regret getting the splined hub but other than that it is a very good uni. I have had it for about two and a half years and no replacement parts except for cosmetics.