Nimbus/Yuni Happy Ending!!

I am psyched!
I am in Unicycle Heaven!
No, I am in MUNICYCLE Heaven!
About a week and a half ago, I left a thread here about ordering a Nimbus 26 inch from through my local bike shop here in New York City. I anxiously waited till I got the magic phone call from the LBS that my Nimbus had arrived–then I got there to pick it up, and while the good bike mechanics were trying to adjust the seat post, the frame broke…I was bummed, to say the least. The LBS called, and they told me I had to wait another few days for a replacement…
The days go by. It seemed like forever. Then, I got the call–Nimbus#2 was ready.
I ran to the bike shop, and there is was–but wait, it was a little different. The frame looked stronger. The mechanic said to me “Those guys at are pretty cool! Instead of re-sending the entire unicycle, they sent a new and better frame, an upgraded frame. We simply put it together.”
It was true. Instead of a Nimbus frame (with the plastic caps on the top of the forks), there was a Yuni frame (totally closed metal tops, no plastic), with that excellent Yuni logo attached to the otherwise Nimbus unicycle!
Indeed, it was a Yuni frame, attached to the Nimbus whose frame was busted when the mechanics tried to adjust the seat post.
It was beautiful.
Anyway, I have been riding the thing all through my apartment, and today I ventured outside and had hours of fun riding along a perfectly-sized fence (I used to be good when I was a kid about 30 years ago–I am getting back into it fairly quickly).
So, in the end, both my local bike shop, and, proved to be totally excellent!
(The LBS, by the way, is Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette Street–they were way cool about this whole thing–I highly reccomend them, and I will always give my business to them from now on.)–for replacing my Nimbus frame with an upgraded Yuni frame, TOTALLY RULE!!!
My Nimbus/Yuni (what else can I call it?) sits in my living room, hours of riding behind it now, it’s 3-inch fat tire having left skid marks on some of the walls in a hallway in my apartment. Despite having a 26 inch wheel, my 2 kids (aged 11 and 13) also had some excellent turns on it. We are becoming one happy unicycling family (ok, we are still using the fence, but it’s a bloody good start!)


PS–Remember, support your local bike shop AND support! In my case, they worked together very well, and the result is that everyone wins.
Now if only I can refrain from breaking my neck on this thing,

thats great, im glad to hear about your upgade.

so does this mean that maybe my kh24 will come with a hunter frame or something? :slight_smile:


Maybe…maybe, MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE!!!
(Actually, I did think to myself “Wow, imagine if they stuck a Hunter on this instead of the Yuni…”)
Nahhh–I like it just the way it turned out.
But I too, someday (before I’m 50) hope to get a Hunter. I think they are the coolest. Of course, I have to learn to unicycle AWAY from the fence to justify it…