nimbus/yuni frames are the best!

i think that the nimbus 2/yuni frames are the best frames on the market they fit a fat tyre for muni/trials and have the flat to for freesyle.i know there are better frames for muni and better ones for trials and better ones for freestyle but there are none as far as i know that can do it all well.and they are nice and cheap so no worrys when they there a better frame?
(edit)and they come in large sizes for road/distance.and not a lollypop bearing in sight

Better uni frames

I build unicycles that have better frames than your Yuni!

They have a flat crown for coasting, are out of the way for trials, fit a 3.0 tire, and are way stronger than your Yuni frames.

The bearing clamps are machined to fit your bearing exactly, and the clamp uses a 6mm allen bolt to tighten it.

I have sold my unicycles to customers who had a Yuni before, and they have been blown away by the difference in quality, and feel when you are riding.

So, if you want to check out my Normal Cycles look at Got further questions please e-mail.



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yuni frames are definatly good,versatile, and best of all realy cheap.
much better frames do exist for freestyle, trials, muni, etc.

infact i’d go so far as to say that the yuni frame is not perfect for anything, but good enough for everything.

but the price performace ratio of the Yuni/nimbus frames is pretty much unbeatable at the moment.

by the look of them the “normal” frames are technicaly superior.

the bearing clamps are a definate weak point on the yuni/nimbus.
but then again they are dirt cheap to replace.

normal cycles frames

Im sorry to hijack the thread but i am a little curious about the normal cycles frames that Mr. Dirtuni mentioned.

Does anyone other than the possibly biased builder of the frames have any input?

I hate to rain on your parade, but let me tell you about my Yuni.
I’ve had a 26" Yuni frame with a 24x3 Gazz for less than 8 months and I am less than impressed with the quality of my Yuni. I weigh about 180 pounds and do not “thrash” my MUni.
I don’t do big drops(I just started doing 8-10" drops a couple of weeks before I got injured and forced into semi-retirement).
I’ve had a constantly recurring tracking problem with it since shortly after I received it. I tried reversing the tire and all the other tricks with no success. Then I checked the fork alignment and found it to be off about 1/4" and that was when the fun began!!
So far, I have had to re-align the legs three times to get them in “vertical sync”. Then shortly after aligning them the last time, the tire started to rub against one leg and I was forced to shim the bearing to alleviate that problem. I have been a professional mechanic for over 32 years and have raced and maintained motorcycles and mountain b*ikes for since 1985, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing.
Perhaps I got a bad one, but due to my bad experience, I would not buy another Yuni or recommend a Yuni to anyone I know.

I have a 26 inch Yuni frame and run a 24x3 tire in it. I have beaten the heck out of mine with trials and muni. I even bent my Profile cranks in the process, but the frame is as straight as ever. The Yuni frames have a taller seat tube than the Sem XL frames and have enough clearance to run 3 inch tires. They are a great bargin and you can always upgrade to a more expensive frame later and then keep the Yuni to build up with something esle.

I also have 20 inch and 29 inch Yuni frames and I’m satisfied with them all. My only complaint is the crappy Yuni logo sticker on them. I mean, come on, they look pretty bad.


That’s why I posted about my Yuni. As I stated, maybe I just got a bad one, but it sure takes the fun out of riding it:(
My cheapo 28" Sun rides a whole lot straighter and is more enjoyable to ride since I’m not constantly having to adjust to keep it in line:)

I’m planning to upgrade the frame on my MUni so that I’ll have something to look forward to riding on the trail once I get healed

Hey Kenny,

I’d let whom ever you purchased the Yuni from (Is there anybody other than Uni.Com selling them under this name?) know that there is a defect in yours. 1/4" is way too much. The Yuni is an inexpensive frame but still, it should work.

My only slight complaint about this frame is that I’m not too crazy about the quality of the chrome on mine. But, what the heck, $40! How can we complain!?

I use a 26" Yuni for 24" MUni wheel and it serves me very well. Infact, I’m starting to dream-up a new Yuni 20" trials frame. I think that the Yuni is the best value out there!


At first, I attributed the problem to my inexperience at riding a uni and it was after I purchased my 28" that I discovered the problem was the Yuni.
I contacted and they offered to straighten it for free, but I’d have to pay for shipping both ways. Being as I had already had to align it once by that time, and given the inexpensive cost of the Yuni frame, I chose not to pursue the matter. The MUni was only a few months old at that time and out of warranty already.

I have a Yuni frame on my 20’’ trials unicycle and I haven’t had and problems. I have gone of about a 3’ foot drop and my frame was fine. Also the flat crown is great for freestyle tricks. I love my Yuni!

I have come to appreciate the lack of utility importance of the frame in uni performance. I own some really beautiful (and light) frames and enjoy owning them and riding them. However, I don’t ever remember reading here about a frame failure that was an end-cap design. I think that the performance of a uni is all about the wheel - that is, if the frame is straight. There are such slight differences in the weights from frame to frame that it might be more weigh efficient to cut the excess off your shoe laces than to try to buy a lighter frame. Having said that, I still have Hunter lust and proudly own a Wilder but it is a Yuni that I ride through the mud and rock gardens and is then strapped to the top of my truck for the drive home.

Re: nimbus/yuni frames are the best!

Kenny, you must have a “Monday morning” Yuni frame. I have two Yuni
frames. One is in my 24" MUni, it has seen no big drops (largest is
about 18") but a lot of hard cranking up hills which would cause the
alignment problems you speak of. It is still perfectly fine!

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Re: Re: nimbus/yuni frames are the best!

Perhaps mine was a “Monday morning” frame. It’s good to see that everyone else is having such good luck with their Yuni frames. I was waiting for a post like this one to express my disappointment and see how other Yuni owners felt.
I guess I’m stuck with a bad one:(

Bomber frames and uni’s. is in no way trying to say that Yuni frames are less than rideable, or worthless.
Rather we are trying to see what we like (big tire clearance)
and improve upon the rest.
On your Yuni’s the bearing cap certainly is strong enough not to just bust off. There is not too much actual stress in that spot.
But, the clamps are just thin steel that isn’t even machined to an actual size. The caps rely on the bearing to sort of conform around.
The problem here is that when you tighten the clamps it slightly deforms (ovalizes) the bearing. So your bearings will never work as smoothly as they could have, and they will wear out sooner.

As far as the rest of the frame goes I think that it is important to use cromoly tubing (7/8"). This gives the unicycle much greater durability and a more rigid ride. We also utilize a custom machined crown so that there is plenty of clearance for any tire.
Also, since each uni is custom built right here in the USA you can pick your brake style, so your uni will come to you finished and powder coated.

My true goal is to get people on uni’s!

I want to build the frames that you will buy when you get tired of screwing around with less than perfect uni’s.
If you don’t like the bolt setup on the Yuni bearing caps, or your seat twists, or your uni was built crooked, or you are tired of buying disposabe Tiawanese crap, and you just want to buy one frame to last you for the duration you should check into a frame from me at

Plus if you’re going to ride the same uni day after day it’s important to have the setup you have always dreamed of. Go custom.

So, ride the heck out of your Yuni! Shred your Schwinn! Romp your Sun, destroy your Savage. Then give me a call.


I like my Nimbus II -frame a lot.

Dirtuni, I’m sure that you’re frames kick ass, but I think I’ll never be able to afford one of those shipped to Finland. And I’d definitely like to try out some kind of aluminium frame, because it’s so light. I think I make my own frame next summer if I can find some tubing for it.

dirtuni, I forgot this at first but I’d like to know more about that crown on your unis. How is it attached to them? Is it just the two bolts holding it?

Re: Re: Re: nimbus/yuni frames are the best!

Well, if it makes you feel any better…

I have a custom built 24x3.0. Yuni 24" frame, Intense 24x3.0 Dh tire, monty cranks (crap), suzue hub (ok), and rhynolite rim. Oh yeah, and some very well tensioned spokes. I must say, that my Yuni frame flexes alot, and is rather annoying. I lose precious tire momentum on uphils, cuz my frame flexes and scrubs up against my tire. I also feel it on the steep downhills and whenever I stop quickly. That drove me crazy on the Downevil downhill (15miles, 4000ft descent, 1000 ft. climbing).

I also have an Onza trials frame (same, except the fork blades are different shapes, and it’s chromoly) and i love it. I do think cromoly makes a difference, when compared to my Yuni.


I agree! For the price, I think the quality is great!
I have a Nimbus/Yuni frame on my 20" freestyle/hockey uni, 20" Trials and 26" Muni.

I use my frames hard, and they are fine. Im getting a brake fitted on my Muni. It works out way cheaper then getting a custom frame.
Ok, I know a custom frame is, well, a custom frame. It is lighter, stronger, looks better (whatever) but it does not affect the riding that much (I dont think)!
Also, if it does break, it is just £30 or something to get a replacement.

Customise your Yuni frame! Stick stickers on them or powdercoat (or spary) them…

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Aluminum crown


The crown on Normal Cycles utilize two 3/8" X 1" pinch bolts.
They accept a 8mm allen wrench to tighten them.
The design allows the rider to change the uni legs, or seat tube.
Useful if you want to have a setup with brakes, and one without, or have different wheel sizes. Also with the removable seat tube I can make you a uni to accomidate most any post you would like to use. But, most of the unicycles use 27.2 posts.

The crown is machined here in Bend, Oregon out of 6061 aluminum.