Nimbus X vs Nimbus II

Ok i can choose between these to street unis as its the only ones stock in the street section. So which ones better?

Sorry its
Nimbus II Freestyle
Nimbus X Freestyle
Nimbus II ISIS Hub and Splined Crank

I can choose from.
Heres the link to the page where they are

Or a Trials uni thats good for street.

I want to do Street not Freestyle btw.
Sorry for so many posts.

get this.

ok will i be able to do all street moves with this and light trials like 60cm drops?

yeah that is a strong uni. Its designed with street in mind more so than trials though

which frame is better for street, which for flatland? I’ve always wondered this question.

The nimbus trials is not a very strong uni, but since you are probably pretty light, it should las a little while. After a few months you will likely break the cranks and hub. By then you should have saved up enough money for a splined hub, so get a KH Moment crankset. Then you will have a reasonably light trials/street uni.

The Nimbus street frame is lighter and a bit better for foot on frame tricks, but the frame is not as strong.

The nimbus II does come with a splined crankset now (at least in the ISIS version not the freestyle version). So no worries about strength.


Well, not on UDC.

The Nimbus Street does, but I’m pretty sure the frame is not quite as strong as the II, like I said earlier.

You’re looking at UDC US, not Australia, where this guy is from. You just don’t have the new ISIS versions of the unicycles yet.

Even with the Nimbus Street, if the frame really was weak (I dunno what makes one cheap cromoly frame weaker than another?), the replacement Nimbus II frame costs about a tenth of the cost of upgrading a wheelset.


Oh, I checked US and UK, not AUS.

Is that price right? The same price as the Qu-Ax Cross :astonished: :thinking: Both $400 AUS
P.S. Why are all these new ISIS hub unis seem to be coming from Aus.?


looking at those prices, I can’t wait for UDC US to put up their new stock on the site. Might get a nimbus trials with ISIS hub instead of a KH.

yeh its a bloody good deal. $400 for a ISIS splined hub. UDC AUS has suddenly got a hole new range of stock. Im loving it lol. Cant wait to buy it, im getting it in october with my b-day money.
Also comes with a good saddle a Nimbus Gel saddle.
And some DX alloy pedals.
Cya ppl and keep commenting.

Heres the actual specs from the website. Sorry for double post!

  • Tough, time-tested Nimbus II chrome plated steel frame with large 25.4mm diameter seat tube.

  • Machined bearing holders, to fit 42mm bearings. These are much stronger than main cap bearing holders - good for plenty of grinding and pedal-grabbing abuse.

  • Super strong Nimbus ISIS splined hub. Specially designed by to take the abuse of trials and street riding. The future is ISIS!

  • Comfortable and stiffened Nimbus Gel saddle, in jet black. Ribbed front handle has been redesigned to be stronger and more comfortable, without adding any extra weight. Rear bash guard protects your seat when dropped.

  • Nimbus Reinforced Alloy seatpost in 25.4mm diameter. This nifty weight-saver is the thickest aluminium unicycle seatpost there is! Another innovation from

  • 19" black Jetset eyeletted rim. Rims with eyelets are stronger than those without and prevent spokes from pulling through the rim.

  • Grippy Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.50" trials tyre - its large volume makes hopping easier and smooths out landing impacts.

  • Strong cold forged aluminium Nimbus ISIS cranks in 125mm length

  • DX alloy platform pedals with replaceable pins. You won’t lose your grip on these puppies!

  • Double allen bolt seat clamp - holds the seat firmly in place

  • Weight: an impressive 5.7kg

  • Now comes with tools for assembly and tune-ups!

closer to the manufacturer?

I’m trying to choose between a 20" Nimbus II ISIS and Nimbus X at the moment as well. The difference in price is about AUS$30, with the Nimbus X more expensive, and I’m wondering how do these unis differ? I’m not keen on the trials uni, I’d rather a smooth tyre.

Although I’m a bit new to the whole splined hub thing, I gather they’re an all-round good thing. Which would make the Nimbus II better… right? :thinking:

Just to be clear, both unis are on this page:

If you’re intending to use this unicycle solely for freestyle then having a splined hub is not super important. I’ve ridden a freestyle unicycle with a square taper hub for years and had no problems with it. Other than this the main differences between the 2 models are in their frames. If UDC Aus had the new model of Nimbus X in stock the choice would be easier - the Nimbus X is a superior model. The older black frame is good, but has a fairly large gap between the wheel and frame. This makes some freestyle tricks harder (such as 1-foot riding, coasting, gliding and stand-up wheel walking.) The Nimbus II is now on special and has a smaller tyre to frame gap, so I’d go for this model.