Nimbus X Street

Does anyone know anything about this unicycle???
It is just the normal nimbus trials but a different frame correct?
I’m going to be using it for mostly trials but some street, does anyone know how the frame will work out for trials???
I could get the normal frame, but I really like the flat crown and I wouldn’t think the long neck would be bad since The Ti was used for trials in Defect and Joe Hodges was using a Black Domina for trials for a while correct? (correct me if I’m wrong, I thought I heard that somewhere)
I also like the look of the uni quite a bit more, but performance is the number one thing so if it would be much worse for trials I would prefer the normal nimbus frame.
So pretty much my question is how much better would the normal Nimbus frame be from the Nimbus Street frame???

The main problem with the frame is that the seattube is thin and because of this the seatpost will break… a lot… I say go with the regular nimbus (with moments).

Well… thats definitaly NOT true.

My friend rides a Nimbus Street and he has no problem with the uni at all.
Hes about 80kg heavy.

I only bent one 22.2 seatpost in my entire unicycle career (almost 9 years now). They may be weaker than the others, but they are still strong.

I have been riding mine since january the only problem that I have had is with my moment cranks but that is all getting worked out. I really enjoy it and think it is a very good unicycle.