Nimbus X Street ORDERED!

Today my friend ordered a nimbus x street because he has a crap one from ebay. He’s is gonna become a flat land rider and i will be a street rider. Now we can both ride “extreme” to gether, lol. HE sent of a cheque to UDCA today so the unicycle should arrive this time next week. He also ordered some aluminuim dx pedals.

When he gets better (and me) we will probably make a video =]

Let’s hope it works out well!

I’ll probably work on flat for a while, considering flat will probably be healthier for a recovering leg than trials.

well maybe not HEALTHIER per se, but less unhealthy.

At your guys level I’d expect you to be both working on flat. But yeah, cool. Good to have someone to ride with.

Use plastic pedals for flat, your shins will thank you.

Lol, I’ll watch him practice and see his legs get destroyed, then tell him. He can still use them for street though.

Hey Unisykolist, if you guys ever head over here to NSW totally come look me up, great to ride with you guys!! Good luck with street and flat for your friend.


thx, yea probably when im heeps older and come to sydney to attend uninats…

you guys are still pretty young riders, don’t decide what type of rider you’re going to be just yet. try a little bit of everything and do what you like. the best riders are good at multiple styles of riding.