Nimbus X Street For Freestyle/flatland?


i been lurking around the forums for some time now,and was wondering if this is the uni to get for flatland freestyle,i ride now,freestyle on an 85 skyway streetbeat i built.
i don’t know how to ride a uni,but will learn with practice, i love freestyle----thanks


Well If you plan to do more freestyle then flatland this unicycle is not the best for you. The problem with this one is it has long cranks and has a trials (19") wheel.

I would say get this for both:
Chose 300mm for a longneck if you want and ISIS hub so you can upgrade to qu-ax cromo cranks if you want.

Or this for mainly freestyle:

Or If you do want to do more flatland get the Nimbus X street (and maybe upgrade cranks to 125 Qu-ax Cromo:

Before you choose which unicycle get other opinions.

EDIT: If you do not know the diffrence between flat and freestyle here are some vids.

Dang. I didn’t know the difference either. I thought they were the same thing.

thanx for the help,much appericiated! i know which uni i am getting now! lol

the x it is!!!

No problem man, welcome to the forums. You may want to check out this thread (if you fo freestyle) Freestyle Discussion Thread

Which nimbus X? the freestyle or street?

So expensive to ship to australia!

i hate to dig up old threads, but i didn’t want to start a new one. would the Nimbus X Street Unicycle ISIS be good for big street as well as flat? i really like the look of this unicycle(and the price point)

unless you are in the habit of breaking frames it should be just wonderful.

awesome, i’ll keep that in mind for when/if something ever happens to my kh