Nimbus X or Nimbus II for cruising?

I am looking for a new unicycle that would be the best for just cruising around. I know I want a 24 inch, I don’t feel comfortable with or want anything bigger.

So between the two, (Nimbus X and the Nimbus II, both with ISIS hubs), which one would you suggest? I wont be doing any tricks, but I want a quality unicycle that will last another year until college, as well be beneficial for riding small rides back and forth between places in town.

Here are the links if you need them:

Also, if anyone could help me out on this… My inseam is EXACTLY 31 inches, and the 300mm seat post on the Nimbus II is 31 inches. Will it be too big for me, or are those measurements a little off? Or should I get the 200mm post and raise it up a bit accordingly? I am afraid that if I do that there wont be enough room to raise it up, but I thought I would get your opinions first.

Thanks for all your help!! :slight_smile:

if you’re just going to be riding around and not doing any tricks go with the cheapest. both are strong.

Both would be good for cruising but I think the Nimbus X in black would look a lot cooler than the Nimbus II. On the other hand, if later on down the road you decided you wanted to do offroad riding, the frame on the Nimbus II would offer more clearance for a wider tire and rim.

Heres what I suggest to get the coolest looking uni while leaving as many doors open as possible down the road. Get the Nimbus II and ask for the black seat and rim like on the Nimbus X. This is just personal taste though, if you prefer the color then go for it.

The X only costs more because of the frame, thats the only difference.

As for the seatpost, order the longer one and then use a pipe cutter or hack saw to trim it down - thats standard practice.

I would recommend the nimbus II the seat post is a more standard size and the frame also leaves room for a larger tire if you do end up deciding to upgrade.

It is pretty much just a Muni with a road tire instead of a DH tire. It is also cheaper.

You can easily cut a seatpost so I would recommend getting the longer one and then trying it, and chopping off however much you need.

Thanks all of you for your suggestions!

To Brian, I actually like the color on the Nimbus II, I would get the blue. I’m a girl, and I like the fact it’s not quite as bland as just plain black. I also like the color because my Torker LX is black and I want something way different. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I just don’t like the hassle of cutting it myself, because I had someone do it last time and they cut it too short. But this time I will make sure that doesn’t happen!

cut it one inch at a time and you will never get it wrong. The nimbus has a long head tube so is quite forgiving of seatpost length.

I want to bump this thread up so maybe I can get more opinions! Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

To be honest, i think you have your answer.

Both are great uni’s for cruising around town. If you prefer the blue nimbus II, then get it. As it’s cheaper, you’ve got yourself a good deal. Why not put the difference on some stronger cranks. Just incase you decide you want to hop off things. I bent the ones on my nimbus X, but i landed pretty badly from a feet up.

Or, maybe use the $16 to get some better pedels with more grip. They were the first thing i changed.

the cheapest one.

Nothing you can do cruising on a 24 in will break it, they are ISIS and are nimbus brand, so they’re strong.

If you really are only cruising then I might recommend trying some even shorter cranks.

The 114 mm cranks can be ordered standard on the uni for no extra cost instead of the 125’s and that size difference packs a good punch.

It will make your riding much more smooth and the less distance you have to move your legs will make it easier to ride for longer because your legs aren’t moving as much, also less chaffing.

That amount of size difference also won’t really lose too much in terms of control or power. It will probably take a bit of getting used to at first since you mentioned you were coming from a Torker (which I think has 150mm cranks), but you should find that within a few minutes you will feel perfectly at ease on them, and it will make riding for longer periods of time much more enjoyable.

If you are looking at spending a bit more money then another upgrade that will make it much nicer to ride is a Kris Holm Freeride seat. This seat is much more comfortable than the Nimbus Gel seat, as it has different foam more suited to distance riding, a different profile and a channel cut down the center to keep things comfy!

If you call I believe you could probably switch the Nimbus seat for the freeride for cheaper than ordering it seperately. There is a 14 dollar price difference between the two saddles and upgrading the saddle is one of the best places to achieve a more comfy ride and a more enjoyable unicycle.

I hope that helps in your decision.

Thanks for your informative reply, ntappin. I think I will get the 114mm cranks, but as for the KH seat, I am not so sure. I really don’t mind the torker seat that much, but that’s probably because I’m a girl.

So, based on that, do you really think I need the freeride seat?

That depends if your Torker seat gets uncomfortable on longer rides.

I’ve only briefly tried the LX seat but found it too hard and felt like I’d go numb easily because of the shape. The Nimbus Gel is much better IMO, but I still go numb after 45 min. The KH Fusion Freeride is even better, but not as easy to hold onto SIF as the other two.

If you’re Torker is a 20 and want to go the cheap route, you could get a 24" or 26" LX. A lot of the parts aren’t very strong, but it’d be fine for cruising around. The 20 comes w/ 125 cranks, & 150 on the 24, & 170 on the 26.

I’d get the Nimbus II. Because it’s cheaper, stronger than the LX, and improves options for Muni down the road. I’d get the shorter cranks, upgrade the seat to a KH freeride, and switch to Animal or Snafu pedals w/ pedal protectors.