Nimbus X or Bike Euro's

Im going to order a new set of cranks for my trials. I know i should save up and buy profilesor get somethink like dotek’s or kookas but im cheap and impatient and dont want to have to owe my parents 40 or so dollars. Anyways im going to get either the Bike Euro’s or the Nimbus X’s. If i do get the bike euros ill be able to do 3day select shippin’ bt if these three dollars do really mean stronger than i will definetely get them. So which crank will hol up the longest doing drops on cement in trials. I would like to know soon so i can order asap.


Why do you need new cranks? My guess is that if you ruined the old ones you’ll ruin these ones so you should save up and get profiles or owe your parents or whatever. You’ll probably spend more buying these over and over again and still ending up without profiles. Maybe you won’t but I don’t know. I guess the profiles are 4 times the price or something aren’t they?

This has been discussed before, hopefully this will help your decision: