nimbus x frames

what are the differances in the nimbus x 20" frames? I went on the different countries websites, and seen black and chrome 300mm 400mm 500mm frames 07 08 and anniversary, I know I want the 42mm and the tallest possible neck I can fit, and black if possible, however they say they redesigned the frame (maybe just the 40mm vs 42mm). is there a 09 10 frame I can’t even find a nimbus website.

I don’t know anything about the nimbus x frame, but Nimbus is UDC’s (Unicycle(Dot)Com)'s brand.

Questions about the Nimbus X freestyle frame on UDC USA

What size is the long neck frame (measured from crown to top of seat tube)?

The minimum inseam, 34.5 inches, leads me to believe that it might be 500mm – 254mm (tire) + 115mm (crank) + 500mm (frame) = 879mm = roughly 34.5 inches.

Also, even if the frame is only 400mm, it doesn’t make sense to me that a different minimum inseam would be given for the three different seat post sizes (200mm, 300mm, 400mm). Wouldn’t you be able to fit any seat post all the way down the tube, and therefore have the same minimum inseam for all posts?

If your inseam is only, say, 33 inches, is the long neck frame not meant for you at all (by the logic above, I can’t see how cutting a seatpost shorter would make a difference in the height of the unicycle)?