Nimbus x frame

I have a cheapie Avenir 20" with square taper hub and 40mm bearings that I broke the bearing cap bolts off hopping over obstacles in the driveway. I figure that stronger bolts would run my at least $10, and then the weak point would be the stamped caps, which would probably go next. So, I ordered a Nimbus x 24" frame from UDC for $10 that is for 40mm bearings and square taper hub. Will my 20" wheel bolt right into the new frame? If it will, I know the next thing to go will be the hub and/or the rim, but I’m already building a stronger set-up for that. I know it’s not ISIS, but it’s for driveway tooling and not trials and my 26" Muni is due to arrive today. Any input?

did you check the wheel spacing? I’ve never heard of avenir until now. if it’s not the same spacing you may have to get a different hub anyway, but I can’t imaginie there’s that much variance among 20 inch wheels.

The 24 inch frame should work fine for a 20 inch wheel. the spacing will be a little larger, but that’s no biggie, it may even help for one foot riding : P I always fall when my foot slips on the frame and hits the wheel.