Nimbus X Frame vs. Nimbus II Frame?

A quick question for Nimbus fans. I’m ready to purchase a frame for a 26" unicycle wheelset I’ve built using a UDC hub. I’ve looked over the available 26" frames on the UDC website, and it seems that the affordable choices, for under $50, are two Nimbus frames, the Nimbus X and Numbus II. Both frames look plenty sturdy as well as reasonably priced ($42). I’m attrached to the black Nimbus X frame (, but I see that this frame doesn’t come with the bearing clamps and bolts. Other than that, my sense is that both Nimbus frames appear to be identical to me. Is one frame (X or II) any better than the other? Thanks! --carl

It comes with bearing caps and bolts, they just aren’t pictured.

Actually, I’m confused by this. The frames do appear identical… Perhaps the frame pictured for the Nimbus X is wrong.

In the UK, at least, the Nimbus X frames (20" and 24" - and presumably the new Street frame) both have machined bearing holders and a different style of crown. Given the Nimbus X 26" frame on the US store looks just like the Nimbus II frame, I’m wondering if there’s any connection to the other X frames…

I’ve always heard good stuff about the Nimbus 2 frame, it is the frame I plan to buy if my DX frame breaks.